Corporate Philosophy

Of the various challenges involved in business activities, BRAING is committed to focusing specifically on social interests and aiming for sustainable growth in society.

Contributing to the realization of a circular economy
Providing a stable supply of recycled products
Efforts to conserve and protect the global environment
Realization of a vibrant enterprise through the cultivation of various talented personnel

We have decided upon these as four of our most important issues. With the help of business partners and local residents, we are working together to address these issues.

The Four Important Issues of BRAING

Circular economy society

Contributing to the realization of a circular economy

Creating a circular economy is a global theme. BRAING actively supports and works toward the accomplishment of this theme. Every member of our company is working together under the belief that our business is part of building a society with a true circular economy.

Recycled products

Providing a stable supply of recycled products

To prevent the earth's limited resources from being depleted, we are doing what we can to provide recycled products through our vehicle recycling business. In order to make it possible to provide a stable supply, we strive to take in large amounts of end-of-life vehicles and manage them properly.

Conservation of the global environment

Efforts to conserve and protect the global environment

With the themes of a "circular economy", "low carbon society", and "biodiversity" as our goals, we are undertaking initiatives to reduce the burden on the environment to reach these goals. We will continue promoting various environmental conservation activities through our business and fulfill our social responsibilities.

Cultivation of human resources

Realization of a vibrant enterprise through the cultivation of various talented personnel

We proactively cultivate talented personnel, giving them expertise not only in business, but also the knowledge and skills to promote conservation of the global environment, and beyond. By improving our corporate vitality, we are helping develop the industry and contributing to local communities.

Codes of Conduct

Fulfilling our social contribution through five codes of conduct.

We shall strive for an automobile recycling business that always takes environmental conservation into consideration.
We shall set concrete goals and objectives regarding the environment, promoting environmental conservation by preventing pollution and continuously improving.
All employees shall receive environmental education, practice environmentally-friendly communication around business sites, and improve their awareness and knowledge.
We shall comply with all relevant laws and regulations applicable to our business activities as well as related environmental laws and regulations (compliance).
We shall proactively release information regarding the environment, including our environmental policies.



Under the theme of environmental contribution, the plant logos represent the ocean, earth, sun, and sky.

Message from the President

 At present, destruction of the environment is proceeding at a tremendous speed all across the planet. With global warming, ozone depletion, acid rain, deforestation, declining wildlife species, desertification, marine pollution, and more, the threats are too numerous to count. Even in Japan, we face numerous problems directly connected to our lives, be it harmful substances making their way to us from nearby countries, tornadoes and landslides caused by abnormal weather, etc. Part of the underlying cause behind all of this is the degree of mass production and mass consumption throughout the world. Problems can be attributed to human-induced natural destruction, trying to dispose of the massive, overflowing amounts of waste, and other similar issues, all while we continue to greedily consume our limited resources.

While we are facing a declining birthrate and aging population in Japan, emerging and developing countries such as China and India, which make up almost 40% of the world's population, are expected to continue increasing in population in the foreseeable future. And in that not-so-distant future, in exchange for modernization of the entire human race, we will see insufficient supplies of resources, energy, and food, leading to further depletion of resources and making the seriousness of our global environmental issues more apparent.

We have volunteered to enter the environmental business amidst currently increasing global concern over environmental issues. Every company, every individual, and the human race as a whole needs to face these shared global issues and take action, starting right now.

With our business, we are pursuing recycling to the utmost limit to appropriately process end-of-life vehicles in accordance with the law, while at the same time embodying the tenets of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Although we may be a small business from a global perspective, we strongly believe that our efforts are part of building a truly circular economy, and all of our employees are working together to contribute to local communities and combat global environmental issues. We will draw on that accumulated technology and know-how, spreading it all across the world.

Please look forward to the continuing efforts of the BRAING Group.

President/CEO Taro Uzawa

Company Profile

Company Name
Business Activities (main)
Automobile recycling
Stocking and selling of iron and non-ferrous metal scrap
Sale and export of used automobiles and used automobile parts
Real estate
Head Office
Insurance Bldg. VII, 1-4-11 Asahicho, Kashiwa, Chiba-ken
TEL: 04-7157-3322
FAX: 04-7157-3321
Branch Offices
Tokyo-Bay Material Center (Chiba Bay Branch) 2066-3 Yawatakaigandori, Ichihara, Chiba-ken
TEL: 0436-40-3900
FAX: 0436-40-3880

Hibiki Material Center (Kitakyushu Eco Town Branch) 1-86-3 Hibikimachi, Wakamatsu-ku, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka-ken
TEL: 093-701-7751
FAX: 093-701-7756

Miyagi Material Center (Sendai Eco Town Branch) 1-1 Azanakazoneyama, Kawauchi,Ohsato-city, Kurokawa-county, Miyagi,
TEL: 022-725-5133
FAX: 022-725-5134
March 2013
10,000,000 yen
Taro Uzawa, President/CEO
Tomoharu Koshimura, Director/Executive Officer
Jiro Uzawa, Director/Executive Officer
Gessei Taku, Managing Executive Officer
80 (Whole group / as of May 2021)
Permits and Licenses
Chiba Used Vehicle Collection OperatorRegistration Number 20121003616 Fluorocarbons Recovery OperatorRegistration Number 20122003616 Dismantling OperatorLicense Number 20123003616 Shredding and Sorting OperatorLicense Number 20124003616 Public Safety Commission Secondhand Dealer, Chiba Prefecture License Number 441090002533 Building Lots and Building Transactions Operator, Chiba Governor Agent (2) Number 16471
Kitakyushu Used Vehicle Collection OperatorRegistration Number 20761000645 Fluorocarbons Recovery OperatorRegistration Number 20762000645 Dismantling OperatorLicense Number 20763000645 Shredding and Sorting OperatorLicense Number 20764000645 Public Safety Commission Secondhand Dealer,Fukuoka Prefecture License Number 902011510004
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